Fable & Canon is the product of several long love affairs: lovely scents in all their forms; mythology, literature, and the arts; and using beautiful bath and body products as a form of self care!

Our biggest inspiration is art in all its forms: captivating stories, entrancing paintings, timeless tropes and characters, and the music that makes hard days just a little more bearable. This means you’ll see nods to mythology, historical treats, music, and character tropes in our opening catalog, and you never know what you might see next!

We first asked, “What if…?” in December 2020 and have been lovingly and meticulously agonizing over these scents, products, and how we want to operate as a business ever since. All this time spent planning means we have some exciting, ambitious plans for the future of F&C. However, we’re focusing on growing slowly but surely for now: we want to get to know you and what you’re interested in and more importantly, we also want you to get to know us and develop trust in our business!

Some of our listed products are already made and ready to ship, and others will be custom made just for you! The maximum amount of time it may take us to make your order is always indicated in the banner at the top of the homepage.

The last thing you should know about us is that we believe strongly in community and collaboration over competition. Every vendor offers something different and we want to celebrate that by supporting other vendors as much as we can, so you might occasionally see products from other makers mentioned on our social media pages. If we’re enjoying a product in our own home, we want you to know about it, too. Eventually we hope to carry other products from similar makers in our shop, too!

We take great pride in providing excellent customer service and products made with safe, high quality ingredients. You can learn more about our product creation, the order process, and just about anything else in our FAQs. If there's anything we missed, please do contact us! 🖤