Current Scent List (A-Z)

These scents are available in various product types. If a scent is available but you don't see it in your preferred product type, please contact us and we may be able to create a custom for you!

spring/summer 2023 (available late april, day TBD) 

Fluffy Pink Murder Robe: The olfactory equivalent of wrapping yourself in pink chiffon and feathers like the rich widows before you: a sheer, delicate floral blend perfect for summertime hysterics and fainting spells. Notes: Delicate blushed florals, Madagascar vanilla, soft fuzzy peach skin, and a spilled glass of champagne.

Lavender Sugar Cookie: Soft, sweet lavender and rich vanilla folded into buttery sugar cookies.

Primavera: Inspired by Botticelli's incredible painting of the same name, this new scent transports you to a light and breezy springtime revel in a grove of orange trees. Notes: Delicate white tea, flowering orange blossoms, and a soft carpet of moss, soil, and morning dew, with a hint of sacred myrtle and aromatic laurel leaves on the breeze.

general catalog

The drink of the Olympians: Rivers of golden honey ambrosia cascading over piles of freshly picked apricots.

The Roman goddess of the dawn, taking flight across the morning sky. A zingy blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and cheery dried calendula petals.

As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses : 'I was Chloris, whom am now called Flora.' -Ovid
The nymph turned goddess of flowers and spring. A lush, self-indulgent blend of blooming rose and jasmine on a bed of sweet creamy vanilla, scattered with dried rose petals.

The Hustler:
You're scanning the crowd at a high society soirée to find your next mark when you see a mysterious stranger doing the exact same thing. As your eyes meet, you have a sinking feeling you've met your match. This is going to devastate you, but it will be worth it. Forever is the sweetest con, isn't it?
Notes: Their buttery soft leather jacket thrown carelessly over a chair, your suede boots kicked under their bed, rumpled cashmere sheets, and velvety soft fingertips.

Lavender Conserve:
Inspired by the delicacy served daily at Queen Elizabeth's royal table. Fragrant lavender, bright lemon juice, and sweet sugar.

The Madwoman:
Trespassers beware...peer over the ivy-covered walls of the madwoman's mysterious cottage and you'll see her pacing through her herb gardens in cool, restrained rage. Her clenched fists are full of crushed flowers and she glows ethereal white as she walks. No one likes a woman with a temper; what a shame she went mad. (Or is it just more convenient to pretend she did?)
Notes: Night-blooming jasmine and lily, aromatic garden herbs, delicate musk, creeping ivy, fresh soil.

The Midas Touch:
It's the most decadent dessert, but will it turn to solid gold on your tongue? Only one way to find out... oh, and don't mind the statue of the young woman in the corner. Her eyes only look like they follow you around the room.
Notes: Baked apples drenched in ribbons of caramel and topped with a greedy dollop of vanilla bean sweet cream, grounded by the scent of rich golden cedar.

The Greek goddess of relaxation, meditation, and hallucination. A drowsy, soothing blend of lavender, sage, and delicate dried lavender buds.

Siren Sorbet: When the sirens wake up feeling froggy, they use this delicious sorbet to lure sailors to the depths instead... sweet tropical fruit nectar, tart berries, saltwater, and cool ozone. *Reformulated in October 2022, the saltwater notes are a bit more prominent now, which helps with the fragrance's longevity.

The Soul of the Rose Jam*:
Rose, lemon, geranium, tonka, and a hint of fluffy marshmallow. (Inspired by the popular fragrance with a similar name, but NOT intended to be an exact replication. This is slightly heavier on the rose and introduces marshmallow!)

Inspired by the discontinued perfume Wonderstruck*, Titania is an ode to fairy queens, enchanting adventures, and finding magic even when it seems hardest to. (Falling in love with an ass is optional.)
Notes: A sparkling fruity-floral blend with top notes of sweet woodland berries, green tea, and apple blossom; heart notes of honeysuckle, vanilla, and hibiscus; base notes of peach, sandalwood, musk, and amber.

currently unavailable/seasonal

Eris: Patchouli, vanilla, black pepper.

Lattes at the Gilded Broom: Caramel lattes, sugar cookies, weathered books, and a crackling fireplace⁣. A cozy, smoky atmospheric with gourmand notes.

The Magic Circle: Precious oudh wood, curling wisps of cauldron smoke, clove for protection, and a fistful of wilting flowers tied at her belt. A spooky, mysterious concoction of florals, resin, and smoke. *Needs extensive reformulation for perfume oil format -- estimated return is Fall 2023.



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