art gallery

This page indexes the various artworks and photographs we use for our label art! 

I am always looking for art and photographs to commercially license that incorporate people of color and plus-sized people into fantasy, mythology, or historical settings. If you have this kind of work available on a stock photo directory, or you would be willing to work with me privately on a commercial license, please reach out at info@fableandcanon(dot)com. I would love to work with you! While public domain art is readily accessible for label art, it is typically limited in the subjects it portrays.

Seasonal/Limited Edition - Spring/Summer

  • Fluffy Pink Murder Robe - courtesy of Martin de Arriba on Unsplash.
  • Lavender Sugar Cookie - commercially licensed.
  • Primavera - Primavera by Botticelli.

Seasonal/Limited Edition - Fall/Winter

  • Eris - courtesy of Marek Studzinski on Unsplash, then further edited personally.
  • Lattes at the Gilded Broom - courtesy of Henry Be on Unsplash, then further edited personally.
  • The Magic Circle - The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse.
  • Shenandoah Witch - courtesy of Ksenia Yakovleva on Unsplash, then further edited personally.
  • Unreleased - courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
Last updated on September 10, 2023.