Titania Donation Information

Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls

5% of gross sales from all Titania fragrance products* will be donated in perpetuity to the Loveland Foundation's therapy fund for Black women and girls. Beginning July 1, 2022, this amount increased to 10%.

These funds will be donated on a monthly basis for the first three months of Titania's release, and after that time will be donated on a quarterly basis.

Ukraine Crisis Fund

10% of gross sales from all Titania fragrance products were donated to help the people of Ukraine, specifically CARE's immediate crisis response. These funds were donated roughly once a month for sales from April 16 through June 30, 2022.

Donation Periods + Receipts

*Note: "Fragrance products" indicates perfume oil, eau de parfum, and water-based fragrance mist products from sizes 9ml and up. This excludes sample sizes and products which may be used in the bath or shower. This also excludes "Seconds Sale" items.